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There are three separate-but-joined pieces involved in communicating with this machine:


Configured by the Lantronix telnet or web interface; admittedly, you have to find it, first.

Baud Rate

Everybody has to agree on baud rate or bad things happen. Moreover, the SAS board is sufficiently opinionated that it will only speak 115200, so that means that everybody else has to fall in line!

  • The Lantronix, being the front-facing part, is easiest to change. The web interface or telnet interface will happily do the right thing for you.

  • The Roamer is a little more, ah, fun. Guess among {9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200} as to how it is currently configured and make the Lantronix match. You know you have the correct value when sending 0x1E (i.e. Ctrl-^ or Ctrl-6, as it is often abbreviated) yields the prompt Roamer [? for Help]:. You may have to send 0x1E 0x0A or 0x1E 0x0D (i.e. Ctrl-^ newline).

    Once there, use the A option to change the baud rate to 115200. It will prompt for a confirmation password which is likely the default at P4Confirm (case sensitive), though note that the password can be changed by menu option Y.


Ah, my favorite. Telnet in, send Ctrl-^, and P will toggle the power of the SAS board and disks.