This is the eighth edition of the CHERI instruction set architecture definition. Relative to v7, this document has a significantly updated abstract model (which includes capability compression, now no longer seen as an approximation of the abstract model), more fully describes CHERI-RISC-V, is synchronized with Arm’s Morello prototype, and includes significant discussion of micro-architectural aspects of CHERI.

My own contributions, for the curious, are mostly small and scattered across the document, and were almost all jointly done with other co-authors. Unsurprisingly, given my continued role as lead of the heap temporal safety effort in CHERI/CheriBSD, most of my focus has been on features relevant to that aspect of the system. These include the introduction of per-page capability-load barriers (in section 3.10.3) and the associated portions of the CHERI-RISC-V MMU capability control behaviors (5.3.10), an update to the experimental composition of CHERI with memory versioning (e.g., Arm MTE; D.6), documenting the experimental ephemeral capability mechanism for richer revocable capability flow control (D.4), documenting the experimental (but present in Arm’s Morello) indirect sentries (D.9), and a modest expansion of the historical context chapter (13).

The document is available at the official repository as UCAM-CL-TR-951 or by local mirror here.


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