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I’m Nathaniel Wesley Filardo (among other names). Born in 1984 (how time flies), I flirted with being a physicist at Carnegie Mellon University but ultimately acquired my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins, as part of the Dyna programming language effort (perhaps you’re after my thesis?). I have recently become a postdoc in the the CTSRD team at Cambridge University, primarily thinking about temporal integrity for capability systems.

A list of my publications is available here.

My Academic (i.e., publication-oriented) CV is available here.


The easiest ways to contact me are:

  • Via email: nwf then
  • Via XMPP: nwf on the the cclub jabber server,, which supports full federation.
  • IRC (efnet, freenode, oftc): I can typically, again, be found by my initials.

Of late I have adopted use of a Yubikey as a PGP smartcard. The private bits exist only in the smartcard and my offline key management machine; the public bits available here (the authentication subkey is available in ssh format).

The key’s fingerprint is 8F7E BD3C 69CF A8CE CF4C  B57B 37F6 56B5 5B45 C4CD. pgp-vash
The (tragically no longer maintained nor ever widely used) Vash visual hash (algorithm 1.1) of this fingerprint without spaces is shown to the right; I think it’s kind of pretty.